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About Shayna

Shayna Lee is excellence personified.  What sets her apart from the competitive sea of great real estate agents, is her ability to not only hear what you the client needs, but to also feel, see and sense exactly what this is.  Shayna relies on her extensive market knowledge of LA Westside real estate and reconciles that with the ever changing empirical data to make sure that she is guiding her clients in the right direction.  Being a numbers person, Shayna always has her fingers on the pulse and knows when the market is shifting from sellers’ to buyers’ market and vice versa by keeping a keen eye on market indicators.  She knows that selling or buying a home is one of the biggest transactions one can make and therefore provides outstanding concierge real estate services to ensure that every step of the process is a smooth one.  Shayna prides herself on:

*Communicating clearly with sellers and buyers

*Always being available; either in person, phone, text or email (whichever the client prefers)

*Having a bulldog like tenacity for negotiating the best terms and price

*Having a thorough command of Real Estate contracts and market knowledge


“I feel successful when my clients are successful in achieving their goals.”


Shayna holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Western Australia majoring in Business. (Marketing & Finance)

Real estate has been her passion since the age of 8, pouring over the real estate section in the Sunday newspaper in Perth Australia.  She has lived in the US for 23 years the last 9 of them in Beverly Hills. Being Asian/Australian/American gives Shayna the competitive advantage of having cross cultural sensitivity and being extremely empathic to clients from all walks of life.